What Are the Best LGBT Dating Apps to Try?

Once you are convinced that online dating is the perfect option for your dating adventure, the next thing is deciding on which platform to join. There are lots of dating apps that cater to LGBTQ singles and couples worldwide. However, these apps vary and offer different services; some cater to those in search of casual fun while some cater to those searching for serious relationships. It would help if you were sure of what you are interested in to choose the perfect site.

There are still numerous factors to be considered before choosing to join an LGBT dating app. You have to consider the payment options, legitimacy, member structure, and other important factors. We have taken the liberty of selecting several platforms and reviewing them honestly. All you have to do is go through the available platforms and choose the one that most satisfies your desires.


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Finding the Best Overall LGBT Dating Apps to Join

From romance and dating to casual fun and hookups, there’s an LGBT dating app out there for everyone. But when it comes to the LGBT+ community, what options are there? We’ve handpicked the most popular dating apps to see if they’re truly the best of the best.


BuddyGays is one of the most exciting free LGBT dating apps for the LGBT community, with a simple, user-friendly design and growing member base.

Whether it’s dating, hookups, or casual fun, this free app will suit various needs and do so effortlessly. Signup takes only a few short minutes, and all you need is a valid email address, and you can fill in profile details in your own time.

One of the best things about BuddyGays is its member base. There is a thriving community online throughout the day, every day. LGBT members have detailed profiles and label what they are looking for.

You can identify as several common tribes within the LGBT community, including twink, daddy, bear, and clean-cut, all for free. These hashtags make searching profiles incredibly easy and help matchmake you with even more single men.

Finally, if you do decide to upgrade, you’ll be happy to know BuddyGays has incredibly cheap and flexible payment plan options, including a daily rate of $0.99 or a 3-month package at $0.54 per day.


With over 30 million downloads of their app alone, Zoosk is a free staple in the dating app industry and has many LGBT members spread evenly across the world.

That said, is it LGBT-friendly? Our verdict – sometimes. If you’re gay or lesbian, singing up to Zoosk should be no problem, as there are options for you to identify as attracted to people of the same sex.

However, there are no such options for bisexual, trans, or pansexual daters, which we feel is very limiting. Additionally, the signup process of Zoosk is much longer than rival free apps, too, which doesn’t necessarily limit the amount of spam and fake accounts prevalent.

Lastly, Zoosk is more expensive than rival dating apps, where a monthly subscription can cost upwards of $29.99 per month.


With over 30 million users, OkCupid has one of the biggest presences in the free dating industry and covers everything from friendships, long-term romance to hookups and more. But how well does it serve LGBT singles?

On the outset, OkCupid has some very nice touches for the LGBT+ community. Firstly, there are several gender and sexuality options to choose from at signup, including straight, trans, gay, asexual, and more.

You can opt-out of seeing straight people in your dating searches (which is very useful if you’re bisexual). This is a nice touch that saves lots of time by eliminating unsuitable people from your member grid.

You can also avail of incognito mode, which hides your profile from everyone until you like their profile first, which can be very useful if you’ve not come out publicly yet.

That said, there are still some things OkCupid could do better. The free app is jam-packed full of fake and disingenuous profiles, making signing up for the service feel almost pointless. And despite a reasonable $9.99 per month for premium membership, there are hardly any advanced features to enjoy.

The Best Free LGBT Dating Apps for Hookups & Casual Fun

Registering your account on GaysGoDating requires only a few minutes, and it is pretty straightforward and effortless. You only need to provide your basic information, such as name, birth date, and email address. After which, you will be required to confirm and verify the email you provided. The final step involves you filling your bio before you can start chatting with like-minded LGBTQ members. Feel free to try the site.


The truth is in the name. GaysgoDating is one of the premier free apps for the LGBT community to find romance and dates.

The homepage hosts an interactive member’s area with a clever design that sorts suitable profiles based on location, online activity, and more. Suffice to say, and there’ll always be someone online you can click to message throughout the day.

The biggest selling point of GaysGoDating is the ‘Like Gallery’, which is a simple but effective matchmaking feature that allows you to cycle through member profiles and swipe left or right when you’ve found an attraction.

Another strong point to this free app is member profile quality. All LGBT members have uploaded clear profile pictures and have detailed biographies on their profiles. Although many LGBT singles use the site, the average age group is between 20 – 35, and they identify as ‘twink’.


Although MenNation is a well-established free dating app and has thousands upon thousands of profiles, a closer look indicates some fundamental problems at its core.

Solely aimed at gay men looking for sex, the app is inundated with spambots and fraudulent accounts that detract from an otherwise good user experience.

Additionally, MenNation has one of the priciest payment plans for LGBT members, with a month on average costing you $27.95. From our experiences, the additional benefits you receive aren’t worth it.

The Best Dating Apps for Lesbians

Another exciting feature of Lesbiedates is the Flirtcast feature. This is an automated conversation opener that users can send to their matches to easily start a conversation if they feel shy and don’t know how to start the chat. Give the site a try today.


Whether it’s a new girlfriend or a no-strings hookup, Lesbiedates is a versatile dating app tailor-made for lesbians to connect. It’s free to join and has several useful features which place it very high on our recommendation list.

What truly makes Lesbiedates.com such a great free dating app is the ‘Like Gallery,’ a matchmaking feature where you swipe right on women you’re attracted to.

The site is also mobile-optimized, meaning it will load instantaneously across all smartphone devices. It also means you can match, message, and meet with women while on the move.

Finally, although you can enjoy the very best for free, we do love that Lesiedates offers some of the most competitive premium plans on the market - without tying you into a lengthy contract. You can choose from four plans, including a daily rate of just $0.99 or 3 months at a discounted $0.54 per day.


If you’re looking for love in your area, then Lesbiemates.com is your answer. It’s a free dating app specially designed to use your location as the primary means for matching you with fun, flirty women in your area.

Signup to Lesbiemates is free and will take you just one minute to complete. Log on and see all the beautiful, friendly women who are looking for love as well. All you need to have on hand is a valid email address.

Most of the site’s best features are available to you on a free plan, including extended search filters, matchmaking, and flirtcasts, and a message system that sends flirty ice-breakers to several LGBT members at once. Dating has never been so simple!


On the outside, with over 5 million lesbians worldwide, the free app HER looks like the real deal. But is that number and its reputation in dating misleading?

From our experiences, HER suffers majorly from both spambots and scammers, with many profiles acting suspiciously from the getgo. Additionally, there are many couples on the site whose sole mission is to find a lesbian for group play.

HER does have some benefits. It has a large community of LGBT members, and on a free plan, you can view profiles, get matches and add friends.

A premium membership ranges from $9.99 to $24.99 per month. Surprisingly, it doesn’t yield any substantial bouses for your dating prospects, so we’d highly recommend against paying.


Claiming to be the world’s largest network of lesbians online, LesbianPersonals is a popular LGBT+ dating destination for singles looking for fun and hookups. But we have some reservations.

You can create a profile for free very easily, and the app gives you ample options to identify yourself further, including as a femme lesbian, butch, androgynous and more. There is an abundance of explicit NSFW content posted by LGBT members on the site, which is not for the faint-hearted.

Although the name indicates it’s generally for lesbians, there is an option for couples to join and groups, and there are surprisingly many swingers and polyamorous people who use the app for LGBT dating and hookups.

One of the biggest limitations on LesbianPersonals is that you must upgrade your account with $30.95 per month to view a member’s full profile or watch the app’s infamous live webcam performances, which takes away from its ‘free’ app status.

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LGBT Singles Can Use Hookup Apps Anywhere & Anytime

The benefit of using any of these apps is that you can meet, message, and match with other LGBT members of the LGBT community in real-time and on the move - anywhere and anytime!

One primary reason everyone interested in dating is switching to dating apps is that it gives you 24/7 access to find dates and chat. Whether at home or work, you can easily log into your account on your smartphone, browse profiles of naughty LGBTQ singles, and chat with them easily. There are places where it may not be convenient for you to use your laptop; this is where mobile apps come in. Regardless of where you are or what time it is, you can always chat and find compatible singles when you desire.

Features of LGBTQ Apps

Now that the LGBTQ+ community has been accepted, there has been a significant increase in dating apps on the internet. Most of the old dating apps have included options for the LGBTQ+, and new dating platforms solely dedicated to catering to the LGBT community are also being developed every day. The features of a site are critical in helping you find compatible partners, so you must ensure to check out the features before joining. Most LGBTQ+ apps offer free registration, offer casual and serious dating options, and lots of other exciting features.

  • Inclusive profile options
  • Additional safety features
  • Includes dating and hookups
  • Location-based matchmaking
  • Free to join
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Hookup Now with LGBTQ+ Apps!

Find fun, friendship, or your next hookup with ease – use FreeGayHookup.net for free today!

Securing your next date or hookup has been made easier with FreeGayHookup.net. You no longer have to wander around the streets or head from one local bar to another in search of a guy to get down with. Many gay guys and lesbians are interested in meeting on this platform; you only need to create an account to access their profiles and start chatting. Whatever form of bond or relationship you may be interested in, this is the ideal place to find compatible guys near you. Get started right away.


Is it Safe to Use LGBTQ+ Apps?

As the LGBT community are a minority, there are some obstacles in the dating world. Still, some countries, cities, and towns are unsafe spaces for LGBTQ+ people, and it is unwise to use LGBT free apps in these areas.

What is the Best Popular LGBTQ+ App?

If you’re looking for a quick list of which free apps to check out now, then we highly recommend BeNaughty.com as the most popular LGBT app, allowing for both gay, bi, trans, and lesbians to join for dating and hookups.
And if you’re a gay man, both Gaystryst.com and GaysGoDating are the best picks.