Review of America's Famous Black Gay Dating Apps & Sites

The black community only takes a fraction of the total population pie in the US. And when we're talking about back gay dating, it's even more challenging for this minority to get ahead and have their voices heard.

The introduction of free black gay dating apps opens the door to this minority. Most of the apps are handy to use, while some other still have room for improvement. Here are our honest reviews about each free site.


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BuddyGays never disappoints the gay community in the US. With a free account, it gives you so many features to enjoy it to the fullest. Buddygays is known as a welcoming place for black gay users thanks to its availability and a huge database of members of all ethnicities and origins.

Dating on this m4m site has never been a problem. All users are granted a free account that they can use for as long as they want. The pricing plans are affordable. There is no nudity or exposed graphic content like what you have experienced on other dating apps.

This is another free online gay hookup site that's very popular amongst ebony lovers. Even though is built for black users, you surely won't run out of dates once being a part of this site.

The top-notch security and ease of use have become the biggest hooks that encourage Americans to be a part of its huge database. Gaystryst may not be one of the oldest hookup sites in the US. However, its growing population proves its popularity that can outrival any heavyweights in the gay hookup industry.

The reason why is an emerging free dating site in the US is the thoughtful user experience. The team behind this website goes above and beyond to discover customer's behavior and many other tactics to provide you with the handiest tool. The best part about it is the search filters/parameters.

Both free and paid members can fully access these features without any restrictions. Unlike Tinder, this site strongly relies on how compatible people can be instead of using location to connect one another. Many people you see on this site are down for a one-night stand and hookup, while others are cool with friendships or even a potential soul mate.


We all know that BlackPeopleMeet is a leading free dating site for African Americans. However, it has started to some bad signs relating to the user experience.

For example, you start to receive notifications about winks and flirts after your subscription is over, but this is something that barely happens when your subscription is still valid.

The most irritating thing about BlackPeopleMeet is that you may get kicked out for no reason. They may accuse you of using inappropriate words while, in fact, you never violated its rules before. Give it a second thought!


MenNation is another popular gay dating and hookup site in the US. The simple and free registration is the biggest magnetic field that compels you. However, the more we used it, the more downsides we collected along the way.

Compared to some other free sites we reviewed, MenNation is not completely the way you expected in the first place. Unpaid users are limited to many basic functions. Therefore, you can't really tell if you're fully satisfied with MenNation or not before adding it to your cart. There are also a lot of explicit materials that you may find disturbing.


Once again, Grindr falls on our blacklist. We won't say that it's the end of the world to sign up for Grindr. However, if you value security and user experience over anything else, then Grindr should not be the first name to pop into your mind. Grindr doesn't fully defense your identity.

Therefore, some other users may use your photos and information for their own purpose. Shadowing is another problem that many users have encountered. For example, your messages are not delivered, or your profile just doesn't show up at all.


Tinder is the #1 free dating app in the world. However, it's not hassle-free like we expected at the beginning. One major reason is that Tinder seems to encounter quite a few challenges in the US market. Since Tinder is not fully catered to the black gay community, it's not easy to match with the right people.

It keeps letting you swipe forever. In this case, how can you tell if the person you're interested in is gay or not? Even if you reach out, they may take your honesty personally and use it against you as a form of harassment.


This US-based free dating app for the gay once took the country by storm. Even though many people give Surge a standing ovation, we don't think it's worth your penny after all. The most irritating thing is that even though we selected "verified" users. However, they still made their way to the search results.

Some people take forever to reply to your messages. Therefore, you can't really tell if these members are even real or not. Explicit photos violation is another red flag that may raise your eyebrows. If the photo guideline is not enhanced and taken seriously, Surge will not appear on our bucket list.


If you've been searching for the best free gay dating app for a while now, chances are you've caught sight of Hornet at least once. In the gay chatting industry, Hornet is pretty popular. However, the biggest turn-off for its users is the spam bots galore.

Even though the users you are talking to has a verified account, it's hard to tell if their intention is good when they reach out. Another disadvantage is that we couldn't delete some of our photos after uploading them. It may be caused by errors, and it needs a decent improvement.


SCRUFF claims itself to be the top-rated and reliable dating app for the gay. We don't give a thumbs down for this statement, but SCRUFF definitely has space for improvement. One of the major downsides has to do with its pricing plans.

The free membership is fine overall, but its PRO version is way more expensive than its equivalents. Security and a sense of privacy are two other No-Nos to be pointed out. Harassment does happen on SCRUFF, so get ready to block someone off your friend list if you really want to sign up for this app!

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Black Gay Hookup is Not as Hard as You Thought

Dating in such a large and multi-cultural country like the US is not a walk in the park. And things seem to be even more challenging for minor groups of citizens.

Even though it may be a hardship for the black to show their true identity and sexual orientation, in reality, the hookup and dating apps are life saviors where they are protected. We hope you find our reviews helpful before you venture out!

4 Coolest Features of Black Gay Dating

  • Meet up with like-minded people of the same colors
  • Hassle-free to get started
  • Eliminate your fears and anxiety
  • Free apps to download and sign up with
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Meet Gay Black Men Right Now

Are you ready to meet up with your favorite ebony gay in the world? After these insightful reviews, we hope you found the best gay dating app to get started with!

Have you been looking for a way to meet black gay men in your local area for a while? You may need to erase any thought of conventional dating or heading to the bar from your mind because there are better means of finding compatible men near you. Many guys are interested in dating; you just need to find the right platform to connect with them. As many guys are seeking to date, there are also many dating sites to join. However, checking reviews and making research will help you decide on the ideal website for you.

Get Ready to Hook up with Gay Black Guys for Free!

What are you waiting for? Create a free account with one (or more) of these right away, and warm up your bed tonight!

After checking reviews of several dating sites and apps, you will discover the ones that offer the kind of service you are interested in. Once you have found the right platform, you can start preparing to hook up with your dream ebony. However, to begin with, you will need to create an account on the said dating site or app that offers the exact service you are looking for. Once you have signed up, you can start browsing profiles of guys seeking to hook up near you. Getting a hookup and experiencing your dream night is as easy as that. Join now.


What is the Best Black Gay Hookup Site?

Wondering which our favorite app is?
One word: BeNaughty!
We're sure you have heard of this name before. It's so famous not only in the US but also in the rest of the world. Not only does it allow you to meet up with the nearest gays in your area or state, but it also lets you filter out which ethnic origin to hook up with.
The coolest thing is that it lets you start for free! And there is no ending date for your free trial! Are you ready to test it out yourself?

How to Seeking Black Gays for Free?

Those who are still wondering which place to help you begin, look out for now! This site is an insightful and thriving resource for beginners.
There are so many useful things to learn about the gay dating scene that you will need before signing up for any of the sites out there. More and more people are taking note of FreeGayHookup, and you should do the same as well!

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